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Our biggest service project of the year, wrapping books for the children of the Healthy Families Program happened Nov. 28 at our Program/dinner meeting. We wrapped over 150 books that we had purchased with the Altrusa Birthday Grant and other monetary donations from members and also included in each bag this year were amazing knit caps, thanks to Ella Gomez from the Pima County Library! The amount of pre-wrapping work that the members did before the 28th meeting was unbelievable. There were about 25 of us at the meeting and we worked from 7:15-8:15 and not only got all the gifts wrapped, put in special gift bags, tied with ribbons and then boxed to deliver to our Altrusa member, Joyce Thornton, for her to present to the children. The Sheraton dining area was completely cleaned up and empty when we left! What an amazing fete!!!

On March 10, 2013 we participated in the annual Tucson Festival of Books held on the University of Arizona campus.   We were located in the Red Tent in the Children’s Section and put on puppet shows from 10am to 1pm with several breaks to allow the children to make paper bag puppets for themselves.  We had over 160 kids playing with us as we had 160 bags and ran out just before our time was up at 1pm! There were many more just listening with their parents to our great stories and helping with the story apron (this is such a great addition to our puppet shows).  

Book wrapping for Healthy Familes.
Packages ready for Healthy Families children
Craft Activities at Puppet Show
Altrusa Puppet Show - Three Littlle Javelinas
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