District History

The early history of District Eleven is the story of five Altrusa clubs-Salt Lake City, San Diego, Pasadena, and Los Angeles.  In the beginning these Clubs were part of District Nine which included Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah from 1929-1955.  The first District Conference was held in Los Angeles in November 1930.  Georgia Young  of Salt Lake City, Utah was elected as the first Governor of District Nine.   

 Past Governors:
Georgia Young, Salt Lake City                      
Cornelia Plaister, San Diego                            
Rexie Bennett, Los Angeles                         
Abbie Crabb Keith, Phoenix                       
Dr. Dessa B. Thompson, Pasadena              
Julie Ann Hyde, Santa Ana                            
Estelle Dixon, Salt Lake City                        
Elizabeth Steinheimer, Tucson                          
Dr. Helen Preston, Los Angeles                     
Doris Holt, Pasadena                                    
Loretta Whitney, Phoenix                              
Phoebe Day, Santa Barbara                        

During Phoebe Day’s biennium Altrusa International approved a redistricting plan increasing the number of Districts to twelve.  Utah switched to District Ten and District Eleven was created to include Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Mexico. 

 District Eleven:          
 Phoebe Day, Santa Barbara                             
 Evelyn Collins, Los Angeles     1957-1959    
 Annetta James, National City     1959-1961    
 Margaret Albert, Tucson     1961-1963    
 Frances Gibson, Glendale     1963-1965    
 Bernadine Wierson, Stockton              
 Letha Brown, San Diego                       
 Helen Folsom, Long Beach         1969-1970    
 Lani De Pippo, Pasadena                      
 Ida Mae Kerr, National City     1971-1973    
 Verona Bordok, Barstow     1973-1975    
 Millicent James, Santa Maria         1975-1977    
 Phyllis K. Smith, Whittier     1977-1979    
 Charlotte McDerment, Tucson         1979-1981    
 Rhoda W. Crowley, Sacramento     1981-1983    
 Florence Callagy, San Diego     1983-1985    
 Roberta Ross, Oxnard     1985-1987    
 Dawn Channel, Arcadia     1987-1989    
 Juandell Christian, Cinco Ciudades     1989-1991    
 Luella Draves, Antelope Valley         1991-1993    
 Debrah Elliott, Arcadia     1993-1995    
 Helen Kamas, Santa Maria     1995-1997    
 Carol Cole, Los Angeles     1997-1999    
 Barbara Lindquist, Ventura         1999-2001    
 Patricia Young, Tucson     2001-2003    
 Carol Latham, Anaheim     2003-2005    
 Beau Stocking, Arcadia     2005-2007    
 Leslie Fountain, Sun Cities     2007-2009    
 Ann Bauman, Los Angeles     2009-2011    
 Sandra Miller, Santa Maria         2011-2013    
 Denice Gilb, Arcadia

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